Water Quality

Water Quality


Horizontal distribution of salinity (modelled). Current vector scale is in m/s, and the contour units of  salinity is PSU.


Water quality data is used to ascertain the chemical, physical, biological and radiological characteristics of water. The quality is bench-marked against suitable conditions for a particular purpose, such as safe swimming environment for humans, or conditions conducive for coral reef to thrive. Maintaining normal salinity and temperature levels, for example are important for the sustainability of marine ecosystems. Temperature directly affects the growth of phytoplankton and zooplankton, organisms which form the trophic base of marine ecosystems and important nutrient cycles. Phosphorus and nitrogen carried by fresh water from rivers emitting near populated regions also affect the coastal environment. Here, both the horizontal and vertical distribution of the water quality are important to understand and depict.



Horizontal distribution of temperature (modelled). Current vector scale is in m/s, and the contour units of temperature is Deg.C.