Aquatic Ecosystems

Numerical Model Descriptions

RMA-11 is a finite element water quality model for simulation of three dimensional estuaries, bays, lakes, rivers and coastal regions. It is also capable of simulating one and two-dimensional approximations of systems, either separately or in combined form. It is designed to accept input of velocity fields from the three dimensional stratified flow model, RMA-10, and these are used in the solution of the advection diffusion constituent transport equations. RMA-11 can represent kinds of components based on the main interactions between the nurtrients related constituents.

This model simulation can allow us to get water quality information such as BOD, DO, Org-N, NH3, NO2, NO3, Org-P, PO4, Chla, Sediment, Zooplankton and Inorganic carbon spatially and temporally.


Major Nutrient Interactions