Eastern Caribbean States Tackle Climate Change Through Environmental Data Sharing

DE will be teaming up with Caribbean regional partner, MGI (Mona Geoinformatics Institute – project lead) to work on an environmental data sharing protocol for a select group of Eastern Caribbean States.

The DE-MGI team was awarded the contract to work with the 5Cs (Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre) who are the executing agency on this USAID funded project.  The project is part of a broader initiative to improve adaptation to climate change in the Caribbean (CCAP).

“Data needs are evolving rapidly. With the severe impacts of storm events experienced by the Caribbean Region in 2017, our SIDS now demand greater access to climate information. Through this DE-MGI partnership, the 5Cs will significantly improve data sharing.” – Ava Maxam, Mona Geoinformatics Institute.

“In order to really understand regional environmental change you need good data and it must be geographically representative.  The challenge is to have different nations see the value in collaborative efforts to share data so that everyone can make better decisions.  This is how the ‘open data’ paradigm can really work” – David Oswald, DE President.

This challenging project will build upon the C-READ platform that DE-MGI previously designed with the 5C’s.  C-READ was launched in November 2015 and is currently operated by CIMH (Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology).