Education Quality Improvement Project (EQuIP).

Saint Lucia Climate Vulnerability Assessment of School Buildings and Sites.

Mona GeoInformatics Institute (MGI) recently wrapped up our work on the Education Quality Improvement Project aimed at assessing and identifying educational establishments at risk of climate change conditions in Saint Lucia. This project was most timely as the country continues to make quality adjustments and transformations of its education system by making it responsive to the needs of all learners and more aligned with the requirements of the 21st-century labour market. The Project which commenced in September 2020 was funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and led by UK-based IMC Inc.

A Climate Vulnerability Assessment (CVA) of areas where four educational establishments, as well as the site of a newly proposed Special Needs Education facility, were of primary focus. The assessment carried out by the team at MGI identified and evaluated the effects of potential climate change on the infrastructure of the proposed school buildings as well as identified resilience measures that could be included in building designs and site plans.

The project featured several Hazards, Vulnerability and Accessibility map outputs created by the team here at MGI.

Hazard maps of areas and access routes susceptible to Flash Flood and Landslide Hazards.
Accessibility model maps of major and minor roads across the island of St. Lucia.
Building infrastructure vulnerability maps of various educational facilities across the island of Saint Lucia

Asset mapping of educational facilities within the project scope is likely to be susceptible to the impacts of climate change.

MGI has conducted climate vulnerability assessments (CVAs) across various countries for a variety of sectors including: education, transport, crime & security, health, environment, tourism, banking & finance, and agriculture. For further information on our CVA and cartography services, please reach out to us at

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