MGI collaborates with NWA on Coastal Road Infrastructure Stabilisation


MGI is providing expertise to the National Works Agency (NWA) on how various coastal hazards impact Jamaican roads. Major coastal roads such as the Michael Manley Boulevard have deteriorated over the years from the adverse effects of storm surge, swells and sea level rise. Sections of the shoreline are undercut, broken away or eroded, damaging these roads that form vital access ways to city centres, airports, shipping ports, hotels and other major shoreline industries. The goal of discussions is to provide solutions for rehabilitating and stabilising these sections of shoreline, especially in light of sea level rise projections.

Mr Kevin Arbouine, standing, (NWA) presents on the MGI-NWA coastal roads stablisation collaboration. To Mr Arbouine’s left are Dr Ava Maxam (MGI) and Dr Kioshi Mishiro (MGI), who also gave presentations on shoreline processes that affect this area. The collaboration is headed by Japan International Cooperation Agency senior volunteer Mr Hitone Matsuno and his counterpart Mr Howard Prendergast (NWA).