MGI Forging Alliance with the UK’s Royal Society in Battling Climate Change

Frontiers of science wordcloud – climate change in the Caribbean
MGIBlue was on show at the UK-UWI Frontiers of Science Meeting held March 19 – 21, 2019 at Chicheley Hall, UK. This will be a 3-year programme for the advancement of science in the Caribbean and the use of science to solve big climate change problems affecting the Region. The programme was crafted through 2 years of consultations between UWI Solutions for Developing Countries (UWI SODECO) and The Royal Society.


Dr Ava Maxam at Chicheley Hall for the UK-UWI Frontiers of Science Meeting on Climate Change held March, 2019

Dr Ava Maxam represented MGI at the inaugural meeting designed to bring together groups of highly talented scientists for cutting-edge research in developmental biology and climate change adaptation. For this meeting, a group of 30 rising stars in the sciences in the Caribbean from the three UWI campuses and their counterparts from some of the top Universities in the UK used the opportunity to connect and develop future collaborative work together. The scientists represented the two broad scientific disciplines of climate science and developmental biology.

UK-UWI Frontiers of Science Meeting Participants Group Photo including MGI’s Dr Maxam (4rth row centre)
Meeting leads from the UWI were Prof. Terrence Forrester (UWI SODECO) and Prof Michael Taylor (Faculty of Science and Technology, Mona). From the UK they were Prof. Tim Palmer (Oxford) and Professor Mark Hanson (U Southampton).