MGI on Weekend Smile!

MGI along with our partners, IGT Caribbean, appeared on Weekend Smile to discuss our joint venture, the IGT Coding and Robotics Camp 2023, which aims to inspire innovation and creativity among students who may not have easy access to such opportunities.

MGI was represented by Senior Projects Manager, Miss Kaodi McGaw and Technical Projects Coordinator, Mr. Darren Fletcher. During the interview, Miss Mcgaw detailed MGI’s role in the camps as well as the experiences of the children impressed upon over the years. Also, Mr. Fletcher showcased MGI’s drone capabilities with an exciting flight demonstration as well as discussing the importance of drone technology in today’s world.

MGI’s Kaodi McGaw & Darren Fletcher on Weekend Smile along with Mrs. Debbie Green, General Manager of IGT Caribbean, with host Debbie-Ann Bissoon

The IGT Coding & Robotics Rock! Camp is fully sponsored by International Game Technology (IGT) and is being delivered by MGI. MGI remains committed to expanding the use of technology to make better decisions for a brighter future. This year, the camp was held between July 17 to 28.