Dr. Christopher Daly (Postdoctoral Scholar Coastal Morphodynamics Group, Dept. Earth Ocean & Atmospheric Science)

Dr. Chris Daly began collaborating with MGI in January 2017. He obtained a BSc in Civil Engineering at UWI in July 2005 and MSc in Coastal and Marine Engineering at the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands in June 2009. After graduation, He worked as an engineer and most of his work involved project design, management, construction, contracting and data collection. He later returned to his academic studies and completed Ph.D. studies in Coastal Geomorphology at Universität Bremen in Germany in November 2013. Dr. Daly is currently researching beach dynamics, sediment transport, wave breaking schematization, surf zone hydrodynamics, swash zone processes, coastal landscape evolution, remote sensing, data collection, instrumentation, and acoustic measurement.