THE GOLDEN INVASION! – Sargassum beaching continues for the 2023 season

We continue our sargassum monitoring as we enter the 2023 season and so far, sargassum is piling on our beaches in Jamaica and Antigua. Influxes have intensified since the start of the year as we have been observing a sharp uptake in sargassum beaching for Jamaica and the eastern Caribbean.

Fresh sargassum levels are above normal along the southern coastline of Jamaica while Antigua is experiencing severe influxes on its south eastern shores. We look forward to what’s in store for our next report.

MGI and our sargassum watchers provide images from Jamaica and Antigua showing sargassum beaching for June. Sargassum spp is a genus of holopelagic brown macroalgae typically found in temperate and tropical areas of the world. Blooms have been increasing in frequency and intensity since 2011.
Have you been experiencing sargassum washing up in huge quantities on your shore? Share your images and experiences with us.
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