Unstoppable Excellence: MGI sweeps Four Awards at UWI Mona Research Awards 2020-2023!

Celebrating Excellence! Our team has shone brilliantly at the UWI Mona Campus Research Awards 2020-2023, securing not one, but FOUR remarkable awards!

Award 1: Greatest Impact on Policy Dr. Ava Maxam within the Climate Studies Group, won a Research Award for their project on Climate Change Adaptation Strategies/Plans. Their efforts are driving resilience in coastal resources, water, health, human settlements and tourism sectors.

Award 2: Most Research Funds Attracted Dr Maxam under the umbrella of the Climate Studies Group, winning an award for their “State of the Caribbean” project. This 3-year endeavor culminated in the State of the Caribbean Climate Report, empowering strategic decisions for regional resilience.

Award 3: Greatest Impact on Policy MGI, under the visionary leadership of Dr. Parris Lyew-Ayee, was honored with the UWI Mona Principal’s Award for their exceptional contributions during the COVID-19 crisis. Their GIS expertise guided critical decisions in school reopening, vulnerability assessment, and community support.

Award 4: Best Research Publication Senior Projects Manager, Mr. Luke Buchanan, was part of a dedicated research group achieved recognition for their insightful publication on neglected insect vector diseases in the Anglo-Caribbean. Their work sheds light on the vital role of mosquitoes in public health.

Kudos to our exceptional team for these well-deserved accolades! Your dedication to impactful research is shaping a brighter future for us all.

Mona GeoInformatics Institute on July 26, 2023 received four awards: Greatest Impact on Policy x2, Best Research Publication, and Most Research Funds Attracted