Update to Carib-Coast Regional Shoreline Monitoring Initiative!

The Mona Geoinformatics Institute is pleased to be hosting the 2nd European Union INTERREG Caraibe Carib Coast Steering Committee Workshop and Conference October 8th-10th, 2019 in Kingston, Jamaica. A public conference will be held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel on Wednesday October 9th at 6 pm entitled “CARIB-COAST: a Caribbean Network for the Prevention of Coastal Risks related with Climate Change“. This will be in association with international project partners: IFREMER, ONF, IRD, CAR-SPAW-RAC, CNRS, UWI, IMA, CARICOOS, MONA-GIS and the Association of Caribbean States.
The 3-day agenda overall is slated to cover: updates on the project’s impact across the Caribbean; regional issues and technical applications in shoreline resilience and monitoring; training in state-of-the-art shoreline monitoring technologies; as well as tours of important coastal monitoring sites. Carib-Coast aims to strengthen the capacity of Caribbean territories to manage present-day and future risks, as well as anticipate natural disasters along our highly vulnerable coastal areas.