• Mapping Sensitive Habitats Across Jamaica’s Fish Sanctuaries

    Detailed sanctuary habitat maps were created by MGIBlue of Jamaica’s south coast, providing critical information on these environments important for sustaining marine life and ecosystems.  Maps display the distribution of eight benthic habitat types: Hard Coral, Mangroves, Mud, Pavement, Rubble, Sand, Sparse Sea Grass and Dense Sea Grass. These were created for the project “Classification …Read more  »
  • Coral Reefs at the Centre of Bay Circulation

    Reefal bays are a common type of bay system found along most Caribbean coasts including the Jamaican coastline. Fringing reefs, in particular, hug many parts of the coast, buffering shoreline wave action, providing protection for marine life and influencing sediment flow. Where the reef are associated with bays, the circulation maintained by the presence of …Read more  »